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  • Hayley Williams-Vazquez - 1/31/2018
    The property has very spacious apartments with new and updated appliances. It was one of the only apartments that we found that was updated that included a washer and dryer in the unit. The rent is very reasonable and the location is off the beaten path which provides a quiet atmosphere. The pools is gorgeous with a car care center, it basically has all the bells and whistles you need for a reasonable cost.
  • Matthew Crespo - 2/1/2018
    I just want to take the time to thank Chris Aleman for making this a wonderful experience for my wife and i. We are first time buyers and we're very nervous to begin this process. From the moment we all sat down we had a strong feeling this was going to be the place to be. We will be moving in less than 48 hours and we couldn't be more excited!
  • Rogelio and Anabel - 3/26/2018
    El Señor Chris Aleman es una persona muy profesional, atento y amable. Estamos muy agradecidos por sus atenciones y la ayuda brindada al momento de escoger nuestro nuevo hogar. Gracias y muchas bendiciones!
  • Teresa Peek - 3/28/2018
    I was having a hard time finding a suitable place to live, mainly because I was relocating to Orlando, Florida from Hagerstown, MD for work and it was very difficult finding an apartment sight unseen. I solicited help from Apartment Hunters and they sent me a list of apartments that fit my criteria. I called several apartments that did not have any availability; I was very discouraged and my final call was to Canterbury Cove, the pleasant voice on the phone belonging to Chandler Blum, listened to my dilemma and said that she had an apartment available, it was more than I wanted to pay but I was in a crunch, she made my day and continued my process until I was completely set-up to move in. I called on I believe on March 2 and moved into the apartment on March 5, 2018. I can't enough good things about how Chandler kept reassuring me that I would love the apartment and how pleasant she was throughout the whole process, when I finally met her in person, her phone voice fits her personality. I have been there a few weeks and I have no major complaints, when I call for maintenance issues, they immediately service the request. I recommend Canterbury Cove 100% to anyone seeking a luxury way of living. The apartment that I have is very roomy and the entire complex is well kept, children and pet friendly. You really will not be disappointed. Teresa
  • Tass Mortimer - 3/31/2018
    I walked in and met with Chris, he was very professional and knowledgeable about the renting process. He returned my messages immediately and was very efficient in ensuring we got the best rate possible. I love the new upgrades done to the complex.
  • Mike G - 4/3/2018
    Thank you for your time and professionalism chris. Excited for the move in!
  • Angelena flores - 4/3/2018
    Thank you to Christopher Aleman for helping me every step of the way. This is my first apartment by myself and he was informative, understanding, and extremely helpful. I have been here for almost a month now and Chris is still helping me figure things out.
  • Faviola G - 4/5/2018
    Estoy super contenta con el servicio de Chris. El apartamento estas muy lindo y fue muy facil someter una aplicacion. Espero vivir aqui pronto!
  • Teresa - 4/29/2018
    I love this community but I do have a minor issue paying for valet trash that I never use or even need. I no it seems like a good idea but to single people such as myself, it's really a wasted 25.00. I don't have a lot of trash and the little that I do make, I take down on my way to work. Why not give people the option, instead of making it a mandatory requirement. I wish there was a 6 month lease option for persons out state moving in a crunch. It's expensive living, especially if you're single. The fees just continuously grow unexpectedly, I started out with one price, now I'm paying almost 100.00 more. The staff is always great and maintenance is A-1. With apartment living there is going to be noise, I just deal with it.
  • Juan Infante - 5/9/2018
    The new administration makes everything so easy that it is nice to live here and especially its administrative staff as Jessica facilitated us in everything to move us to our new 3 bedroom apartment. We already have more than 1 year living here and we do not think about moving for a long time!
  • lisa lucien - 11/9/2018
    Recently moved in, Christopher Aleman is awesome! He has made the process super easy and is always willing to help with any concerns that I have. The area is always clean and it is very quite. I love it here so far!
  • Jaslin - 11/9/2018
    I had been looking for a place that I felt was home for almost 2 years. As soon as I walked into the administration office I fell in love ! From their decor to the awesome help of Chris Aleman he made the process so easy and assured me every step of the way he is honestly the best part of this complex. The maintenance is amazing they are friendly knowledgeable and ready to serve! For the cons I don't use the valet trash service I live alone so barely have trash the little I do I take to the dump I should have the option to have the service , a lot of hidden fees I was quoted one price and it just kept increasing and I've only been here for like 3 months I'm terrified that it will just continue going up I hope not because then I will have to look elsewhere to live which sucks because this place is beautiful . All in a good place to live!
  • Felicity - 11/11/2018
    The customer service of Chris was excellent! He has been friendly, helpful and informative during my process of moving in. Since moving in he is still available for all my questions. Thank you.
  • Ismar Alburquerque - 2/4/2019
    We were having mold issues in our apartment (thanks to Florida's weather changes) and I have to say, Dennis is truly a hero! He was extremely communicative and frequently checking in, making sure everything was taken care of and that we were satisfied with the final product. The mold is gone and we are beyond happy with his service and all his help!
  • Victoria E Coutin - 2/14/2019
    Hello! Just wanted to stop by to let you all know that someone from maintenance, I believe it was Dennis Campbell, just from the staff photos online, came by the apartment today to fix a toilet issue that someone reported but he also took the time to fix many other things, he looked around and gave us many helpful tips and tricks having to due with air circulation and healthy air. Dennis was incredibly helpful and took the time to really educate us on many of the aspects regarding the apartment. He was extremely kind and knowledgeable and feel that his help today deserves great recognition! Thank you.
  • Richard Fuentes - 4/8/2019
    I just wanted to let you know that Dennis has done repairs to my unit bld 8 appointment 304 with great expertise and professionalism he is an asset to your management team. He is always allowed to do any repairs to my unit even if I am not home. Respectfully Richard Fuentes
  • Paul Barry - 4/29/2019
    I am remiss in praising one of your maintenance team, in particular Dennis Cleveland. He has addressed numerous issues in our apartment during the past year involving air conditioning, refrigeration, bathroom, closet and window requests. This is in conjunction with the conveyance of his knowledge regarding the proper functionality of all other hardware provided in the apartment.
  • John Faulkner - 5/3/2019
    Dennis was sent to our apt to check out the ceiling fan in the living room. While he was here it walked through the unit to check the humidity levels. They were all above 70 percent. He ask if we were having trouble breathing. I told him we both have asthma but we were also having to use the nebulizer every day which is not normal. He told us about the type of filter we needed for the AC unit and where to get it at the lowest price. He also said it would be good if we got a hygrometer to put by the AC unit so we could keep track of the humidity regularly. Again telling us where to purchase it at the best price which we less than $10. We started noticing a change even that day but within one week we no longer needed the nebulizer at all. Our apt is great now. We never have to change thetemp and we are maintaining a humity level in the mid 40's. Denniis has stopped by several times to make sure we have no problems. We are so pleased with the Staff in the office and the Maintenance Staff at Canterbury Cove. It truly is a wonderful place to call home.
  • Wendy - 6/3/2019
    Dennis the maintenance is awesome, incredible and very knowledgeable. He went above and beyond when I requested maintenance service in my apartment. Apparently there were other problems that he found, that no one would of ever check or thought of checking. In all the other apartment complex I have lived in, Dennis is #1. I have never seen any other maintenance go above and beyond for their residents, making sure that everything is fine and working properly. He is the best.
  • Wendy - 6/3/2019
    Dennis the maintenance is awesome, incredible and very knowledgeable. He went above and beyond when I requested maintenance service in my apartment. Apparently there were other problems that he found, that no one would of ever check or thought of checking. In all the other apartment complex I have lived in, Dennis is #1. I have never seen any other maintenance go above and beyond for their residents, making sure that everything is fine and working properly. He is the best.
  • Genise Matias - 6/4/2019
    Dennis from Canterbury Cove's maintenance team is by far the most knowledgeable person I have dealt with. He was quick to respond to my request and takes no time to get things done. Living in a humid environment, it is very easy to get mold in your home if you are not in the know. When I mentioned to Dennis I would be away for a week, he immediately took action to check the humidity level in my home, calculated what I needed to leave the temperature at while I was gone, changed the direction of all of my fans, and even fixed my thermostat. What was most important to me was not only his quick action and knowledge, but the fact that he actually cared to take the time to help!! Thank you Dennis!
  • marisol - 6/11/2019
    Just moved in not that long ago and it's so far so good! One of the things I look for most when living somewhere is a good maintenance team and at first when I moved in there were a lot of things that needed to be fixed or tweaked but Dennis left me with no worries! From the moment he came, he was all about making sure we are squared away. He really cares to make sure we are comfortable in our home and things are done correct the first time.
  • Michael Rosa - 6/19/2019
    My apartment was serviced today by Dennis from maintenance. Had issues with my outlet and dishwasher. The outlets were a quick and efficient fix but the dishwasher needed to be replace, I was sure I was going to be waiting for a while. But Dennis came back the next day with a new one and installed it quickly and even stood through a wash cycle to make sure everything was working well. He even noticed a leak in my sink and fixed that as well. Overall a great experience. The only issue was that I made the request over a month ago but that seems to be a staffing issue not the maintenance team itself.
  • Jayalakshmi Sahatoo - 6/24/2019
    Dennis has done a great job on the AC unit in my apartment explained to me about the humidity level on how to prevent mold what cycle I should use on washer and dryer he is a great asset to your team . Jaya blog 2 apt 301
  • Sue Faulkner - 7/2/2019
    I just want to say, "Thank You All" We needed to be away for a few weeks so we informed the management. While we were away there was a water issue in the unit above our home. In checking on the above unit maintenance thought it would be good to see if the water had entered our home. When they came in they saw no water damage but dud discovery our a/c unit had stopped working. When we got home, to our very cool home we found the note saying they had come in and repaired it. Including a small note at the bottom saying they hoped we had a good trip. It's these small things that make us so happy to be living here. Any time we have a problem it us handled within 24 hours. If something is going to take longer we are told. It is so nice to know that we can leave for several weeks and not have to worry. We have lived here for about 18 months and are proud to call Cantabury Cove our home. Thank you all so much for all you do from the management to the maintenance and everyone it takes to make this a great place to live!
  • Shirley Ramos - 7/3/2019
    he is a very good tech he'll tell you things you didn't even know about your house and he'll educate you to help you do it won't happen again. he's a great maintenance. he'll fix everything that need to be fix right , right on time. Also great guy
  • Brianna Borowski - 7/8/2019
    I just moved here about a week ago and have had several problems, very minor for the most part but Dennis has been a huge help. He has gone above and beyond to make sure everything is done right, and to make our quality of life the best possible at this complex. I am very pleased and even though I was slightly disappointed that he even had to come out in the first place to fix anything, I can't thank him enough for all he has done.
  • Briggitte higuera - 7/11/2019
    Muy agradecida con lo atento y amable que son todos en el building, en la administración y sobretodo con el señor Dennis de mantenimiento siempre dispuesto a ayudar. Cuando necesito arreglar algo en mi apartamento lo hace de inmediato y revisa que otra cosa podrÍ­a arreglar.
  • Danielle Lunardelli - 7/26/2019
    Dennis did a wonderful job fixing my washer and dryer and closet door. He didn't stop until he fixed the issue and took his time correcting it. He even stopped by for a follow up visit to see if we were happy, which is great!
  • Rosa Marval - 7/29/2019
    Mr. Dennis is a very professional maintenance technician. He is very accurate in matters of finding and solving problems. Also, he is very friendly and respectful. He is a keeper.
  • Hilda Exposito - 8/23/2019
    Excellent attention by maintenance technician Dennis Campbell and Chris Aleman, they helped us and at all times and made sure everything was perfect.
  • bernie - 10/14/2019
    Moved here from Colonial Grand Apts a couple of months ago. Apts there are very nice, but the renovated units here are much nicer...especially the quartz and stainless kitchens! the staff is very professional and maintenance is right there when you need them. I would highly recommend these apts!