While we were away

- Sue Faulkner
I just want to say, "Thank You All" We needed to be away for a few weeks so we informed the management. While we were away there was a water issue in the unit above our home. In checking on the above unit maintenance thought it would be good to see if the water had entered our home. When they came in they saw no water damage but dud discovery our a/c unit had stopped working. When we got home, to our very cool home we found the note saying they had come in and repaired it. Including a small note at the bottom saying they hoped we had a good trip.

It's these small things that make us so happy to be living here. Any time we have a problem it us handled within 24 hours. If something is going to take longer we are told. It is so nice to know that we can leave for several weeks and not have to worry. We have lived here for about 18 months and are proud to call Cantabury Cove our home.
Thank you all so much for all you do from the management to the maintenance and everyone it takes to make this a great place to live!