Humidity Control for our Apt.

- John Faulkner
Dennis was sent to our apt to check out the ceiling fan in the living room. While he was here it walked through the unit to check the humidity levels. They were all above 70 percent. He ask if we were having trouble breathing. I told him we both have asthma but we were also having to use the nebulizer every day which is not normal. He told us about the type of filter we needed for the AC unit and where to get it at the lowest price. He also said it would be good if we got a hygrometer to put by the AC unit so we could keep track of the humidity regularly. Again telling us where to purchase it at the best price which we less than $10. We started noticing a change even that day but within one week we no longer needed the nebulizer at all. Our apt is great now. We never have to change thetemp and we are maintaining a humity level in the mid 40's. Denniis has stopped by several times to make sure we have no problems.
We are so pleased with the Staff in the office and the Maintenance Staff at Canterbury Cove. It truly is a wonderful place to call home.